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Child/Adolescent Behavioural Assessments Canberra

Please note that Dr Connor is now  fully booked until July 2024.  

 Please note that Dr Connor is unable to take any more referrals for children or adolescents in 2024.

Please email your inquiry, rather than phone, as this will yield a faster response.

[Please note that former clients re-presenting will be accommodated, if possible, using cancellations.]

Information Reusual Process For child/adolescent Behavioural Assessments

(including ADHD)

The process for a behavioural assessment is outlined below.  (This includes consideration of ADHD – Inattentive and Hyperactive forms).

  • An initial interview for parents only(usually2 hours) in which a comprehensive developmental, educational and psycho-social history is obtained. 
  • An observation will be held at the child’s school (not always for adolescents) as well as an interview with the child’s classroom, teacher and other staff who know your child well. There will be a fee of travel time if the school is outside of the Belconnen area.
  • AN observation may also be held at the family home – in a natural setting.
  • You will be given a number of psychometric inventories to complete regarding your child (either to complete at home or at a separate session).  You will also be given inventories for the teacher and perhaps someone else who knows your child wellto complete.
  • An interview will be held with your child alone.
  • A review of previous assessment reports and diagnoses.
  • Writing of report.  After all the data is collected, a comprehensive report is written containing an account of the initial interview, other interviews (Teacher, child), a summary of the results of the psychometric inventories, review of previous reports. The reports also contains a determination of behaviours that are causing most dysfunction/difficulty- and their antecedents. Recommendations re possible interventions for these behaviours are made.
  • The cost of the report will depend on the complexity of the presentation but typically associated with number of hours required to write the report.
  • A feedback session is usually then scheduled to go through the information collected, and the results, conclusions and recommendations.




Initial Interview with PARENTS ONLY

(Inventories may be provided at this interview– no fee charged for session where inventories completed).

Inventories – there is no charge for these; however as the inventories are costly, if these are lost and a second set needs to be provided, the second set will incur a fee.

2 hours

Observation at school – and interview with teacher OR

Interview with teacher(s) at school (1 hour) – older adolescents

1.5 hours plus travel time

Interview with child

1 hour

Observation at home or in other natural setting

(Only sometimes)

1 hour

Review of previous assessments /reports

2 hours?


OVERALL REPORT: includes write up of  comprehensive history, analysis of data/inventories, information from interviews, review of reports, and writing of full report

Many hours


1 hour

TOTAL  ( based on maximum report cost)


If any additional testing is required (e.g. cognitive assessment or Executive Functioning assessment), A SEPARATE FEE WILL BE CHARGED FOR ADMINISTRATION, SCORING AND ANALYSIS).

Each stage is paid for at the time of the session.

The report is paid for in advance of receipt of the report.