Standard 55 minute appointment, new clients: $250.00 - $260.00 (from January 2023) [Note: recommended hourly rates [Australian Psychological Society] are $261 per hour].  Current clients will continue with previous fees paid.

Medicare and Private Health refunds are available.

Referrals (complete with Mental Health Treatment Plan obtained from your GP) are required to obtain a Medicare Health refund. The Mental Health Treatment Plan is necessary for a rebate of approximately $137.50 from Medicare Australia.

Cost of Educational and Learning assessments, Autism Spectrum assessments, child behavioural assessments, and comprehensive family assessments varies according to complexity of assessment – to be discussed at time of booking. Patients are always advised in writing of the likely costs for these assessments prior to engaging in the assessment process. Educational assessments are not able to be claimed under a Medicare MH Treatment scheme

Requests for additional brief summary reports (following return of a long report), non-standard letters to medical prcaticioners, and repeats of invoices/receipts will also incur a fee.

Should clients require extensive additions and changes to a report, there may be an additional fee if the additional information was not provided initially.